Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chalky Finish for Glass from DecoArt

and after.....

I am grateful to DecoArt for giving me some Chalky Finish Glass Paint to try.
For this project I used the lovely grey called "Yesteryear" on a glass bud was past it's best and it turned out that the lovely green glass vases I bought last year in Copenhagen were actually clear glass with a plastic coating!

I used:
DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint for Glass - Yesteryear
DecoArt Americana Spray Sealer/finisher Matte
German Glitter Glass
A Rhinestone stick on embellishment
Double sided tape

To upcycle something similar:

1. Wipe the glass with rubbing alcohol using a lint-free cloth
2. Paint the glass - I applied two coats and used a filbert brush (helps prevent streaks) and leave to dry
3. Spray with varnish and leave to dry
4. Place double sided tape on the vase, where you want the glitter - I just wanted a band round the
    bottom of the vase
5. Roll the vase in the glitter glass
6. Gently brush off the excess & save for other projects
7. Apply stick-on rhinestones

This is a really easy way to transform a glass bottle or dish in to something special and would add real wow factor to any occasion....birthday party, wedding tables or even just sitting on your dressing table
Now.....what can I do with the other two?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Painting roses on fabric

Today I have been using DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint to paint roses on a T shirt

I will eventually get around to posting a practice sheet for my roses but, meantime, here are a few tips for painting on fabric
  1. Pre-wash the garment prior and let it dry
  2. Do not use fabric conditioner
  3. Place a piece of plastic or card inside the garment to prevent the paint seeping through to the other side
  4. Leave to dry for 48 hours
  5. Wash on a gentle cycle
  6. Hang dry
  7. Clean brushes with soap and water
Decoart also make Fabric Painting Medium, and this converts acrylics to fabric paint. Simply Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part water

Happy Painting

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vintage Craft Show Display using Chalk Paint

I will be teaching crafts and painting on cruise ships this summer and I do like to have a nice display to showcase my projects.

I decided to give a vintage look to some of the items I will be using -  a business card holder, necklace stand and a box I  made with ordinary 250gsm craft card

This is what I used for the makeover:

DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Paint - colour Rafraichissant
Kitchen towel
Glue or sticky dots

The necklace stand was plasticised card (sorry I didn't take a picture of the business card holder, but it was an mdf piece I had previously painted)

and these are the embellishments I used

this is how to paint something similar:
  • 1. paint the base pieces with the chalky paint (please see below for how to paint the embellishments)
  • 2. float the Graphite paint around the edges and, after a few minutes, rub some colour off with kitchen towel until you get the desired effect
  • 3. mix  some inky paint with 50/50  Graphite paint and water, and use a toothbrush to add speckles - to do this dip an old toothbrush in to the inky paint and run your thumb across the bristles. It is a good idea to practice on paper first 
  • 4. apply the wax using a lint-free cloth and buff when it is dry

To paint the embellishments:
1. paint with Graphite paint and allow to dry

2. Pick up some green paint on a flat brush, take off some paint on card or paper, and dry brush on to the embellishment allowing the grey paint to show through. Don't use too much paint and repeat if necessary

3. Seal with spray vanish and glue the embellishments on to  the base pieces

I absolutely love DecoArt Chalky finish paint - the colours are fabulous and it can be used on so many surfaces including furniture, glass, metal and walls. Try combining different colours for a unique result

 I also prefer the wax to any I have used before as it is so easy to apply and gave just the vintage finish I wanted on this set

 Watch this space for more Chalky Paint projects


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vintage Buttons from Portugal

Don't you just love the feeling when you stumble across a traditional shop, tucked away in a back street, brimming with things you love?

This happened to me a few days ago when I came across a little button shop in Portugal. From the the outside it looked nothing special, but I was not surprised to find the best stash of vintage buttons I have ever seen in one place....with the exception of museums of course.The shop is owned by a lovely Portuguese lady and she told me the business has been in the family for 94 years

So far I have returned to the shop 3 times - I am not an expert, so would be delighted if anyone reading this has any comments.
Everything was organised and in boxes or jars...this made me smile
I am guessing that some of the buttons are new but some may have been taken from vintage clothes...I would love to hear their story
This is one of my favourites but, unfortunately, there was only one. It is beautifully formed and has a large piece of mother if pearl encased in plastic
These tiny ones are glass

a selection of very large buttons - the cream ones could be shell?

Plastic I think but very old and very pretty

These are sooooo unusual - made with a gilt button as the base with braided gilt around the edge

These are hollow, about 1/3" deep with sequins in the bottom and they have what looks like a piece if chain around the edge


Gilt and plastic


another gift from this sweet lady....a vintage hospital vial. Her father used to sell them many years ago and she stores tiny buttons in them.


As if I had not seen enough she then came through from the back with boxes and boxes of vintage silk floss, in jewel like colours


I hope you have enjoyed visiting a Portuguese button shop with me. I will go back tomorrow and will share pictures of any more treasure I find. I did spend mire than I meant to but that, I guess, is to be expected and happens to us all......

Was I excited doing the simplest of things - yes I was lol

Happy Crafting



Thursday, April 10, 2014

Painted Poppies on RV Motorhome Back Box

Hello from Silves in sunny Portugal

We have had this Burstner (RV if you live across the pond) for 7 years. Each winter we leave Scotland for sunnier climes...I guess we are European Snowbirds

I resisted the temptation to paint something on the van until we bought this Fiamma back box, and my husband said "go ahead if you want to paint something on it"...... how could I resist?

The next thing was what should I paint? roses seemed too girly, so I decided on poppies. When we travel from Scotland through France and Spain to Portugal we see so many beautiful poppies that they seemed to fit the bill

Painting on plastic has always been difficult - various companies have marketed paint but I never liked the colours, until now.


DecoArt Multi Surface Paint is a durable, opaque satin finish paint suitable for painting on wood, glass, fabric, terracotta and plastic


Because we are travelling and space is at a premium, I was limited in the colours I could bring. I completed this design using only 5 colours: Black Tie, Lipstick, Apple Green, Orange Sherbet and Cocoa Bean (I use polystyrene plates as palettes and, when painting outdoors, sometimes use a few stones to prevent them blowing away)

I double loaded a 3/4 flat brush with orange Sherbet and Lipstick to paint the poppies
Rather than painting the highlight white I simply rubbed some of the paint off using kitchen towel

The colours I used for the leaves were Apple Green, Cocoa Bean and just a touch of Lipstick (silly me...I did not bring any yellow but it seems ok as it is)



Project completed......if you happend to be somewhere in Europe and see a motorhome with painted poppies please give us a wave

I almost forgot.....I painted a different design on the other side of the box

Thanks for visiting...

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Saturday, April 5, 2014


I love painting and I love ballet, I also love roses......but I have painted so many roses that it seemed time to try something new.
This is my first attempt at painting tutus.....there is a lot of room for improvement but they were fun to do.

I see another obsession coming up
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Painted Roses and Oranges


I have not been able to post as many blogs as usual as we are travelling in Portugal in our motorhome.

I have, however, still been crafting and painting (of course). The only glitch is space - I can't carry too many paints. I did, however, bring some DecoArt Multi Purpose Satin Paint and it has been great. So far I have used it to paint on glass, a chalkboard and cards.


a small gift for our hosts, Pedro and Mirielle


some cards.....I will add initials or numbers on request

a beetroot jar upcycled to hold wild flowers

another card

Cut down Chinos (So Soft Fabric Paint).......we don't carry an iron lol

and a welcome sign

Happy Days painting in the sun