Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Miniature Wardrobe for Paper Art Dresses - Tutorial

Hi.......how are you today? 

I have been busy doing lots of crafting and my latest thing is how can I display my miniature paper dresses. Lightbulb moment.....in a wardrobe of course!
I think there are templates online but I like to do my own thing and here are the results

It was only after I had completed two wardrobes that I thought I should do a tutorial, so I have done just that. 

I used a sheet of A4 paper to show how to make a template. 

When making the actual wardrobe I would recommend using 220gsm card - anything heavier would not give a sharp enough crease where the doors fold back


Fold the paper twice

Draw the top and bottom shapes

Cut through the 4 layers

 Undo fold 2 (you now have 2 layers with the first fold at the left hand side)

Mark the doors using a piece of card as a template
Cut along the solid lines then fold the dotted lines towards you

Alternatively you can make smaller doors with a drawer at the bottom


Add brads for handles, attach a cord for hanging a dress and decorate beautifully. I used scrapbook paper for the inside back


Happy Papercrafting


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Silk Ribbon Roses on a Needle Case

Hi..we are still feling the cold weather here in Scotland.....it is a big change after spending time in Florida, but, although snow is lying the buds are showing so bring on Spring!

I am teaching various crafts on three cruises this year and am happy to say all the preparation is done. A lot of work is involved in designing projects, sourcing materials, assembling kits and writing instructions and it is always a nice feeling to have all that behind you

Now I can look forward go visiting beautiful places and teaching in a fun evironment with passengers.

I don't do "idle hands"  so I am using this time to brush up on and improve some skills.

I wanted to practice French knots so came up with this idea for a needle case

I sewed silk ribbon roses (I have written a tutorial for this in an earlier blog) and added lazy daisy flowers and  French knots

I sewed little seed beads around the edge 

The small red heart was only sewn part of the way round so I can keep a needle threader and thread to hand

I recently purchased the Sizzix spool die 
this makes life a bit easier as I measure, cut and wind thread and floss as required to complete kits

I enjoyed doing this little project and making something useful

Happy Crafting


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Felt Poppy Brooch Tutorial

Hi - after having a wonderful 8 week holiday in sunny Florida we are now back home in a cold and wet Scotland.

Being back means it is time to design new projects for this years classes, I am trying to work on one project at a time and tidy up as I go but.......well I am a crafter lol

I did not start out to make a poppy brooch to wear myself but to teach in a class later this year. Now I have seen the finished item I know I will definitely be wearing it to add a pop of red to a winter coat, bag, sweater or hat. 

To make one you will need:
 4 x red felt hearts (I cut them with a Sizzix die)
1 x 1" diameter red felt circle
1 x 1" diameter green felt circle
A tiny piece of polyester filling 
A brooch pin
A chenille needle 
A fine sewing needle
Black cotton thread
Red thread


Cut the tip off each heart

Sew a running stitch dart along approximately 2/3 of each piece

With the right side facing you sew the hearts together, gathering them as you sew

Sew a running stitch near the edge of the felt circle

Fill with a little of the fillng then pull the needle tightly to gather and close the circle

Fasten off with a few stitches

Sew 5 stitches from the centre outwards over the padded centre (sorry I forgot to take a picture)

then sew some stiches of  varying lengths on each petal

Sew French French knots on each petal (there are lots of online tutorials)

and......if you don't want to do  a padded centre and  French knots add a large glass bead (or button) and some seed beads instead

 Sew the brooch pin on to the felt circle

And, finally sew or glue the back on to the poppy

 These are quick and easy to make and look even better when you scrunch them up a bit!

One of these days I will make more using different fabrics and colours - I am thinking silk, voile or linen

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Happy crafting




Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Furniture Upcycle with DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint and a Decal

Hi......today I am sharing a really quick and easy  way to transform a piece of furniture with DecoArt DecoArt  Americana Chalky Finish Paint and a custom made decal
This piece is a dark wood double bed which folds against a wall. Because it is so large it made the room very dark. I did not take a picture of the complete unit prior to it being painted but this shows both the unpainted wood and the centre portion after one coat of paint

I did not complete this project myself but suggested it to our friends in Fort Lauderdale - they are both musicians and between them they play the piano, harp, violin and pipes.  

I sourced a decal of a harp measuring approximately 48" x 36" from www.wall-art.com. This company has hundreds of designs in lots of colours

It arrived in the post with quite a few wrinkles (I know the feeling lol) but these were removed on application by rubbing with a plastic card (which comes with the decal)

A brush
Masking tape (Optional)
Simply apply 2 coats of paint (possibly more depending upon the surface and paint colours) then apply two coats of varnish allowing it to dry between coats. 

(We decided on satin varnish but DecoArt have a great range of waxes and varnishes for furniture)

It is best to wait for 24 hours beforeapplying the decal following the manufacturers instructions

Sorry the picures are not so good.....I only had my iPad with me.

I think my friends did a great transformation.....don't you?

French Style Dressing Table Stool - DecoArt Americana Decor Stencil - The Flower Market

this stool  started life covered in velvet....but I wanted to give it a makeover to match my headboard. 

In a previous tutorial I showed how I transformed a tablecloth in to a headboard cover and use freezer paper to transfer an image. 
......this worked really well, but the technique can be touch and go and takes some time to do - stencilling is a much quicker and easier method

A piece of French linen 
DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint -  I used Graphite 
Spray-on stencil adhesive 
A foam pouncer (or stencil brush)
Kitchen towel
Paper plate or palette

Wash  the fabric to remove any starch - do not use fabric conditioner

Cut a circle of fabric allowing an extra 2 inches wider than the stool.

Staple the fabric on to the underside of the stool 

 Apply a fine mist of stencil adhesive on to the stencil

Pick  up a little paint on the pouncer and dab some off on the kichen towel ( if too much paint is used it may bleed under the stencil).

Dab  it on through stencil making sure it does not seep underneath and on to the fabric

You could, of course, stencil the fabric before covering the stool, but I find the placement easier this way 


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tatted Ring Scissor Tassel

I wonder if all tatters throw out as much thread as I do?

The problem is that very few patterns tell you how much thread is required and, because joining mid pattern can be fiddly I always over guess how much thread I need.

So.......what do we tatters do with the small amounts of thread we are left with? We tatt butterflies....lots and lots of butterflies.

Here us another way to use up the thread -  make tassels.

I used Lizbeth 20

I use them on greeting cards (especially Oriental ones), on felt hanging hearts and as scissor embellishments. You could also add them to earrings and bag charms

1.  Leaving a 12" tail, tatt a ring (I did 20 x DS), cut the thread, leaving another 12" tail.
Close the ring leaving about 1/2" of thread showing

2. Wind thread around a card slightly larger than you want the finished tassel to be

3. Cut the thread and, holding it tightly, pass it through the tatted ring

4. Fold the cut threads over and close the ring tightly, then knot the long ends underneath (where the ring closes)

5. Thread a needle with one of the longer ends and wrap around the tassel approximatel 8 times, taking the needle through the top loops a couple of times to secure

6. Take the needle through, from top to bottom

7.  Give the tassel a haircut....that's it

To make a scissor tassel

1. Pass the thread through one of the handles

2.  Make a ring leaving a gap as above 

Then repeat steps 2-6 as above


 These are easy and fun to make and, best if all, empty those shuttles!
alternatively you could needle tatt them