Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tatted Ring Scissor Tassel

I wonder if all tatters throw out as much thread as I do?

The problem is that very few patterns tell you how much thread is required and, because joining mid pattern can be fiddly I always over guess how much thread I need.

So.......what do we tatters do with the small amounts of thread we are left with? We tatt butterflies....lots and lots of butterflies.

Here us another way to use up the thread -  make tassels.

I used Lizbeth 20

I use them on greeting cards (especially Oriental ones), on felt hanging hearts and as scissor embellishments. You could also add them to earrings and bag charms

1.  Leaving a 12" tail, tatt a ring (I did 20 x DS), cut the thread, leaving another 12" tail.
Close the ring leaving about 1/2" of thread showing

2. Wind thread around a card slightly larger than you want the finished tassel to be

3. Cut the thread and, holding it tightly, pass it through the tatted ring

4. Fold the cut threads over and close the ring tightly, then knot the long ends underneath (where the ring closes)

5. Thread a needle with one of the longer ends and wrap around the tassel approximatel 8 times, taking the needle through the top loops a couple of times to secure

6. Take the needle through, from top to bottom

7.  Give the tassel a haircut....that's it

To make a scissor tassel

1. Pass the thread through one of the handles

2.  Make a ring leaving a gap as above 

Then repeat steps 2-6 as above


 These are easy and fun to make and, best if all, empty those shuttles!
alternatively you could needle tatt them

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paper Birds Handpainted and German Glass Glitter

I love my Sizzix bird die......I think this one is discontinued,  but others are available

These little birdies are such fun to make and there are endless ways you can add your own style. A great way to use up scraps of paper or fabric ( I did an earlier post with felt birds)

I handpainted these with DecoArt Americana Paint. I don't really do painting tiny but I  had a try anyway using really small brushes

I sprinkled some German Glass Glitter over is made from crushed glass dipped in silver and gives a lovelysparkle. Because it is glass it should not be used for children 

These would look nice on the Christmas tree

and sometimes simple looks just as good 

Time to fly......

thanks for visiting


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Napkin Decoupage on Sneakers - Tutorial using DecoArt Decou-Page

I did a quick makeover on these plain sneakers which, I think, turned out pretty cute

To do the same you will need:
a napkin 
a bottle of DecoArt Decou-Page
and a brush

How to:
Remove the laces from the sneakers and wash them if necessary

Isolate the images by cutting them out leaving 1-2cms border (this makes cutting out easier)

Cut neatly around the image, then separate the layers. Paper napkins normally have 2-3 layers and you will only be using the top layer. The way I do it is to  hold the napkins between dampened thumb and index finger and pull the layers apart .

Normally I would apply decoupage medium to both the napkin cut-outs and the surface, but, in this case I only applied it to the sneakers. I then placed the image on to the sneakers and applied two more coats (Decou-Page can be used as a glue, finish and sealer.) I cut away any excess napkin as I went along

I died the laces Strawberry Pink 




Friday, October 17, 2014

3 Little Birds......made with felt

Today was a play day and I experimented with felt bird shapes cut with a Sizzix die

Sequins and seed beads

Silk ribbon embroidery roses with vintage hand dyed embroidery floss

Ans a couple of pieces of tatting

 These little ornaments are a great way to use up remnants, odd buttons, beads and ribbon

.......don't worry about a thing


Monday, October 13, 2014

Iridescent Autumn Leaves with Decoart Media

Autumn is the hush before winter. ~French Proverb

here in Scotland it is Autumn, but for many it is " fall". In the UK we don't seem to celebrate this time of year as much as our friends across the pond.  I wish we did but, maybe now there is a renaissance in the crafts world, that might happen!

Scotland is beautiful at this time of year, especially in Perthshire. We used to live there and we do miss the beautiful countryside. When we were there a few days ago I was looking for inspiration for projects when I came across a very old horse chestnut tree and picked up lots of shiny conkers (buckeyes in the US I believe)

When I returned home I wiped them with a damp cloth, allowed them to dry and applied some DecoArt Americana Dura Clear Varnish with a lint-free cloth

I then started thinking about possibilities with some dried leaves I had picked up, and decided to use product from the DecoArt Mixed Media Programme. These products are so versatile that I felt sure I would create a nice effect......and I certainly did

DecoArt Media Mister Turquoise
DecoArt Media Mister Magenta
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Green
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Turquoise
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Blue
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Magenta
A flat or filbert brush
a piece of lint-free cloth

How to:
I removed the top of the misters and used the bottom of the spraying tube to drop small amounts on to a palette (I used a piece of aluminium foil), then squeezed  small drops of the Interference alongside  (I gave them a good shake first).

I then brushed the colours on to the leaves randomly. 

This technique changes the colour of the leaves in a subtle, but eye-catching way giving them a kind of petrol effect
. I didn't  clean the brush between products and this added to the shimmery appearance....just look at these colours! 

I also achieved a nice effect on dried hydrangeas by dry brushing with Media Interference, unfortunately this does not show up too well in photos 

There are so many things you could do with these three things....

conkers and hydrangeas in a mason jar, with iridescent leaves tied on with string

Autumn wreaths

Place settings

Hydrangeas in an urn

or place in a bowl with some berries

 There are lots of tutorials and videos online showing how to dry leaves (glycerine is my preferred way) and hydrangeas

Friday, October 10, 2014

Geisha Girl Decoupage Heart using DecoArt Media - Tutorial

I am loving the new Media product from DecoArt!

I can't thank DecoArt  enough for supplying me with some of their fabulous product; they are always one step ahead when coming up with new product and techniques.

Prior to using this product I gained lots of advice watching Andy Skinner's Youtube channel - Andy is an expert on DecoArt Media so it was very useful. Thanks Andy

 This is  how I transformed a wooden heart in to a lovely wall ornament

I used:
A napkin
DecoArt Americana Paint - Indian Turquoise
A filbert Brush
An old toothbrush

 I applied Two coats of gesso (I like to use a filbert brush as it helps stop lines showing in the paint) and left it to dry

I then applied a watered down coat of Indian Turquoise Americana paint 

..........whilst the paint was still wet, I spattered on some isopropanal (rubbing alcohol) by dipping a toothbrush in the fluid and rubbing my thumbnail across it, thereby flicking some on to the surface. This leaves kind of mottled irregular surface

After it was dry, the next step was to apply a coat of blue Interference......unfortunately this does not show up in the pictures, but it gives a wonderful opalescent effect.

I then added some napkin decoupage by
tearing a napkin along any edge/s that will show in the surface - this  leaves  a soft hairy edge.  Separating the layers (there are usually 2 or 3)  and only keeping the top patterned one

Applying thin even coats of Decoupage on the back of the napkin and on the surface, then positioning it on the desired part of the surface (sorry no picture) and smoothing it out with a brush or brayer

I then turned it over and cut off the excess

this is is how it looked, before I went on to embellish it

I sourced this lovely geisha girl image from the Graphics Fairy website
I printed it off, cut it and mounted it on blue card

the applied it to the heart using the decoupage medium. I used a die to cut pink vellum blossom

I wanted to give the flowers depth so I placed them on a deep foam base and pressed down on the middle of each with a large stylus

I added some pearls to the flower centres and an Oriental coin over the hanging hole

and finally added some ribbon and a mini tassel (please see my last post for a tutorial on how to make tassels)

Please watch this space for more projects using DecoArt is a sneak preview of what can be done with Crackle Paint and Interference

my next post will be an easy way to transfer images using DecoArt Media Matte Medium